The air service hawaii experience.

Aloha embodies the sacred spirit of the islands, and the hearts of the Hawaiian people, yet to truly understand it, it must be experienced.

At Air Service Hawaii, our legacy of excellence is fueled by the spirit of aloha and everything we do is to make sure our guests experience it straight from our hearts…it really does all begin with you.

Employee Profiles.

Lynn Akina
Executive Client Concierge

Ricky Elizondo
Maintenance Manager

Jeffery Wong & Jared Valdrez
Ramp Agents

Becci Goin

Nancy Yom
Executive Client Concierge

Justin Fields
Operations Manager

Jaycelyn Young-Gusman
Executive Client Services Assistant Manager

Anna Ordonio
Executive Client Concierge

Michele Kiniery-Glauber
Executive Client Concierge

Ben Basa
Executive Client Concierge